About Us

Currently we’re not profiting from the site/making any money from it. This may change in the future if we’re able to gather a large enough following. If that happens, we’ll change up the site :) Details for submissions can be found here: https://daedalus-magazine.com/submissions/


SM CADMAN Founder/Editor/Author/Graphics/Art:

SARA is a fiction writer/author/editor and online magazine publisher from Canada.  She started writing fiction in 2012/13 and was published shortly thereafter in a small anthology. She is currently working on a Sci-Fi/Tech/Thriller novel.

Twitter: @SMCADMAN


Email: Editor@Daedalus-Magazine.com



Six Writing/680, Head Writer/Author/Junior Editor: 

SixEighty is a Black Country university student, father of two and married to an amazingly bright woman with an intelligence only paralleled by her beauty. He’s currently working on a dark epic manuscript and also a script for TV adaption.

Twitter: @Six_Writing

Website: sixwriting.wordpress.com

Email: SixEighty@Daedalus-Magazine.com



VANDMAN, Tech/Sciences/Hardware/Security/Hacking:

VANDMAN is our resident tech, sciences, Internet and security resident. He assists wherever and whenever needed. We also deeply appreciate his profound knowledge of how people and technology intersect too :)

Twitter: @vandman777