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#Audio #Soundtrack to: An Indigenous American Retells History; The State of Muskogee by River Rivers @Catch22Fiction & #Composer/#Music Producer Colin Smith #CreativeNonfic #ShortStory #amwriting #authors #FirstNations #NativeTwitter

Click on the graphic above and head on over to Bandcamp to listen to the soundtrack, The Bloody Red Truth. Episode 1: The State of Muskogee :)

Read the original story here:

Click on the graphic to read the written version here :)

River Barnes, professionally known as River Rivers, is an emerging writer from Southern Oregon. He is a Modoc and Klamath American Indian. His most recent stories are currently featured in Literally Stories, Who Writes Short Shorts, TallTaleTv, Snow Leopard Publishing, the Drabble Dark Anthology, Paper Trains Literary Journal.
You can follow River Rivers on Twitter @Catch22Fiction and on instagram @riverrivers921.

Colin Smith is a composer and music producer from Bandon Oregon.

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