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Halloween Creative Writing Prompts—Week 2 #WritingPrompts #amwriting #Halloween


  1. As a taxi cab driver, you often take strange people home after a night of drunken debauchery. But this time, a passenger, a frail, ghostly looking child with black eyes (scleras) climbs into the backseat of your cab after you have turned off your meter…
  2. Two very peculiar children with deep green (or any color you wish) complexions appear in a small village. As a journalist, you are dispatched to report on this strange event. What do you discover? Use the legend of The Green Children of Woolpit as your reference.

The Green Children of Woolpit by pique

  1. “It won’t be long now,” said the witch/warlock. However, it appeared as though the potion had taken far too long to…
  2. Use any (or all) of these occult and religious symbols in a spooky poem or story: a Sigillum Dei; an Ankh; a Pentacle; a Rosy Cross; a Nazar and/or an Evil Eye.
  3. In a hall of mirrors where each mirror reflects a character trait, you see yourself as you really are.
  4. As the Gypsy peered into the crystal ball, the foggy glass cleared and an image came into view of…

    GIF Art: SMC. Photo: Pixabay.com

  5. Pick one of your favorite Horror authors and use their name for an eerie acrostic, poem or story. A small list of Horror/Suspense-Thriller/Sci-Fi and Odd Sci-Fi authors:
  6. An animal in the pet shop where you work has some supernatural powers.
  7. Write about an app on your iPhone that can alter reality.
  8. How did all this candy corn get stuck in my hair?

If you use any of these spooky Halloween writing prompts to write a short story or poem, send us what you write! We’ll publish it on the site before October 31st! :)


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