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Whenever I’m out with the children I get a lot of comments:

“Oh you’re a good Dad”, “I don’t know how you manage”, “Got your hands full there”.

And it was my wife that pointed it out to me. If I was a woman, none of these comments would be passed. Nobody notices if a woman has two or even more children around her unless they act up. And if they act up we immediately begin to think that either the mother is not listening to them or allowing the children to scream/act up.

But then, when a child tantrums, again something that happens a lot, parenting experts say that you shouldn’t answer them if they kick off. But where do kids tend to kick off? Yeah, in the middle of the street, a supermarket, anywhere it is inconvenient at any time. So what are they supposed to do? They either stick with the experts and ignore the child screaming for that particular bag of sweets, or give in just for some quiet. This isn’t okay and societal pressure should not be aimed at parents, especially not mothers who are just trying to raise their kids right.

We have to stop assuming that a woman with two kids is any less deserving than a man with two kids. It doesn’t matter if you’re Mommy or Daddy, children will act up the same either way, let’s support each other and stop judging somebody because their kids are shouting and screaming. Yes it’s annoying for you, but they’ve had this all day and you will be away from them in 5 minutes. Give them a break.


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