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NEW Dark Video Writing Prompts! Featuring Videos From @dark5tv and @HybridLibrarian :)

Watch each the videos from the YouTube channels of Dark5 and Hybrid Librarian and choose an idea/theme from one of their videos. Write a short story or epic poem.

1. 5 Paranormal Secrets of the Nazi Occult by Dark5

2. 5 Most Mysterious Unexplained Disappearances by Dark5

3. 5 Mysterious Events With No Explanation by Dark5

4. World’s 10 Most Mysterious Books by Hybrid Librarian

5. The 10 Greatest Mysteries of Ancient Egypt by Hybrid Librarian

6. 7 Mysterious Ancient Languages with Unknown Origins by Hybrid Librarian

You can also find @Dark5 and @HybridLibrarian on Twitter too :)


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