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Love Great Graphics And Design? So Do We! Here Are 3 Great Videos by Philip VanDusen +A Free Social Media Graphics Cheatsheet Download! :)

“Philip VanDusen is Principal and CCO of Verhaal Brand Design, a strategic design and branding consultancy in New York City.” (YouTube)

His website: https://philipvandusen.com/ Twitter: @philipvandusen YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd2J-PizcFDxWHBBfRkp38Q

15 Trends in Graphic Design for 2018

10 Best Graphic Design Resources, Photos, Fonts, Graphic Tools and More

5 Hardware Gadgets Every Graphic Designer Needs

And here’s DÆDALUS Magazine’s very own Social Media graphics and images cheat sheet! Feel free to download it and pass it along. :)


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